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Record the growth of Fjade security from “Purestone” to “Fine jade”
02 Jul 2019

Time flies, I am accompanied—-Record the growth of Fjade security from “Purestone” to “Fine jade”

Who we were and who we are
Recently, in the routine after-sales service inspection, our technicians noticed an FDT-SE5030C security inspection machine now serving the Urumqi Social Insurance Management Office. This machine still retains the logo of Fjade when it was first created. What does this machine mean?
Yes, this machine began to serve the Urumqi Social Insurance administration Office at the beginning of 2017. In the past two years, there has been no break in the whole year. During the 600 days of service, in addition to the regular inspection by our after-sales staff, there is no warranty record of this machine.
Its memory picture has reached 80G. You can see that in the past two years, it has been conscientiously stationed in its own position to provide security services for the security of social security centers. It is not only the prototype of Fjade detection, but also the witness of Fjade detection’s growth and the proof of Fjade detection’s product quality
In the future, it will continue to serve the Xinjiang social security center. We hope it will continue its efforts to provide security services for the social security center, We hope that our technical service personnel will work hard to provide more excellent services for our customers. We hope that Fjade will make efforts to provide more quality products .
The following figure shows the field usage of fdt-se5030c in Xinjiang social insurance administration office