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How does condom look on x ray machine
23 Dec 2020

There are always enthusiastic netizens who ask us, what does a condom look like under the image of a security camera? Will going through the security check really invade the privacy of the person being checked?

Today, I will take you to see what the image of the condom looks like under the security inspection machine.Here I have to talk about the imaging principle of the x-ray machine. When an item is irradiated with X-rays, some X-rays will pass through directly, and some X-rays will be absorbed and not emitted from the other side. The density (atomic weight) and thickness of materials determine how easy it is for X-rays to pass through them. Scientists have drawn the atomic structure of all substances, graded various densities, and then displayed them in the “Periodic Table of Elements.” The lower the density of any material, the higher the transparency of the material to X-rays, and the brighter the image on the safety X-ray equipment. The denser the detected objects, the darker the image will be. If X-rays cannot penetrate the item due to extremely high density or thickness, it will produce a completely black image.