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Walkthrough Metal detector Fjade appeared at LUOLAI fair of home textile
10 Jun 2019

In this spring, the home textile industry giant Luolai Home Textiles prepared a textile industry event for their partners—the Luolai Order Fair, which was held at the Luolai Shanghai Headquarters on the 17th and 23rd, and once again congratulated the Luolai Order Fair for its success.

How can be less of a security check in a place where there is a meeting?

Our company provided high-quality security equipment for the Luolai home textile event. Our best-selling product Walkthrough metal detector FDT-WT100 and hand-held metal detector FDT-MS1. Let us appreciate their presence in the event.

Are the friends surprised, why do you need a metal detector for an order? And it is also a meeting of home textiles.

I am here to talk about a few answers that I think of:

  1. Our security gate has a statistical function, so that after the meeting, we can clearly understand that the meeting is so hot;
  2. The new product ordering conference, for the design of secrets such as patterns, is not leaked, like mobile phone cameras can not be brought into the scene, then the function of our walkthrough metal detector and hand-held metal detector is more prominent.