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Shanghai Fjade Detector Technology successfully participated at Intersec 2020
16 Mar 2020

Shanghai Fjade Detector Technology successfully participated at Intersec 2020, the largest security exhibition in the Middle East. At the exhibition, held in Dubai (UAE) for three days from the 19th of January, the company showcased its latest solutions and products for all industries.


Emerging technologies and applications opened up new possibilities for the security industry. This year, visitors can experience FJade’s products and solutions for users across various industries.


The 3 types of products that FJade attended the exhibition attracted visitors from all over the world. The most notable is the dual-energy & dual-view X-Ray baggage scanner FDT-SE6040Li with automatic identification of dangerous liquid function. Meanwhile, the flexible disassembly and movement of the walkthrough metal detector attract lots of visitors. At the same time, the rapid scanning, high definition imaging of under vehicle inspection system has also attracted the attention of many customers. FJade not only brought new products but also demonstrated the latest technological achievements. This makes many customers are full of praise and also let FJade harvest rich orders.

Dangerous Liquid Automatic Identify Technology


For this exhibition dual view & dual energy X-Ray baggage scanner FDT-SE6040Li add dangerous liquid automatic identify function. The biggest advantage of this technology is that not limited by container materials (metal, ceramics, plastic) and detect various bottles at the same time. Liquid, Spray and gels can also be detected simultaneously without hindrance.

Walkthrough Metal Detector, Face Identification & Baggage Scanner Integration

The technology can visually see dangerous goods on the screen when dangerous goods present in the luggage or body of passing passengers. In this exhibition, FDT-SE 6040Li X-Ray baggage scanner and detachable walkthrough metal detection gate were combined to display through the screen. The biggest advantage of this technology is that an operator can manage the detection of people and objects, the alarm area when the person passes through the metal detector can be retained in the picture form. Baggage carried by persons entering a particular place can be traced.

Shanghai Fjade detection technology will continue its efforts this year. We are committed to providing you with the best products, the latest technology and the best service. I hope we meet again next year.