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Portable walk through metal detector (Portable+Foldable)FDT-WT400

Since years of ago, the sales of our “FDT-WT”series of detecting gate has been improved all over the world, due to our product makes a stable performance on job even under a very terrible environment. In fact, our products have been applied in many major international events, such as the 2018 World Cup in Moscow, and the 2018 & 2019 Shanghai expo, etc., because of the stable quality of our products, we continue to develop and innovate in technology.Our detecting gate has the advantages as below: 1.Intelligent adjustment 2.Dummy operation 3.Friendly design 4.Left, middle and right regions display 5.Non-ferrous metal separated from black metal 6.Quality of waterproof reaches the highest grade .

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Functions and characters
  1. Easy to install, portable, Assemble/Disassemble in 5 Minutes.
  2. Automatically identifies and provides a 3-independent-zone detection upon installation (6 zones is optional)
  3. Switching 6 sensor panels right and left in any order
  4. Made from strong impact-resistance material of ABS and polycarbonate alloy.
  5. Inbuilt super bright LED indicators.
  6. Multi-units can work together closely at the same time without interference
  7. There is no interference and be able to work normally when stick to large metal or X-ray scanner, no need to reduce sensitivity.
  8. Automatic self-diagnostics and self-balancing environment.
  9. Automatic passenger and alarm counting.
  10. Bright LED to indicate the traffic instructions.
  11. Built-in 2 batteries, last 24 hours
  12. LCD indicating parameters. 300 sensitivity levels.
  13. Harmless to human body, heart pacemaker , pregnant women, magnetic floppy, recording tapes, etc.
  14. Conforms to the applicable international standards for electrical safety and CE,ROHS,FCC.
  15. PCT international patent and national invention patent certificates are available.
Data Sheet

Operating temperature : -20℃ ~ +70℃ ( -4ºF ~ +158ºF )

Relative Humidity :95%

UV protection

Fold size:  (L950)X(W600)X(H620)mm

Passage size:  (L810)X(W790)X(H2120)mm

External size:  (L810)X(W1180)X(H2240)mm

Package size: ( L1065)x(W675)x(H705)mm

N.W:  35kg       G.W:  56kg

Built in backup battery which can last at least 20 hours


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