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Walk Through Metal Detector FDT-WT200 Walk Through Metal Detector

FDT-WT200 (rainproof) Walk through metal detector and security gate (hereinafter referred to as the security gate) is the latest generation of metal detection and security gate developed by our company, which adopts the international advanced metal detection technology and is specially used for the detection and prevention of metal and alloy objects hidden on people.The equipment has the advantages of high safety, strong applicability, high sensitivity, adaptive adjustment sensitivity, wide detection range, strong ability to resist external interference, 24 hours of intelligent service, sound and light alarm at the same time, and has reached the world leading level in quality, effect and technical parameters. The sensitivity can be adjusted freely, and the metal objects with the size of a paper clip can be detected at the highest, and the hidden area of the metal can be distinguished. The user can also set it according to the size, volume and weight of the metal detected, to exclude the false alarm of COINS, keys, jewelry and belt buckles.For places that need to prevent the loss of precious metal items, such as industrial and mining enterprises, Banks, private mansions and other places, as well as places that need to prevent the carrying of dangerous metal items, such as airports, customs, prisons, exhibition halls and other places

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