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FDT-ETD18SM Explosive drug detector

Using fluorescent polymer sensing technology, independent intellectual property rights. It can be sampled by direct inhalation or wiping sampling, identify hidden explosives or volatile smell of drugs and Trace of adhesion on surface of the detected object.

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Main technical parameters

1. Basic Features: Fluorescence polymer sensing technology, no radioactive materials inside;
2. Type of explosive can be detected: Trinitrotoluene (TNT), Dinitrotoluene (DNT), Herzog (RDX), Nitroglycerin (NG), PETN, TETRYL, Ammonium nitrate (NA), Black powder (BP), HMX, Nitrobenzene (NT), Nitrotoluene (MNT), Acetone triperoxide (TATP), C4 explosives, Semtex explosives, Hexamethoxamine (HMTD), Picric acid, Kino, Hexamethoxamine (HMTD) and other dangerous goods;
Types of drugs: Cocaine hydrochloride, Heroin hydrochloride, Tetrahydrocannabinol, Methamphetamine, K powder, Morphine hydrochloride, Amphetamines, Demerol, Methamphetamine, opium Etc.
3. Detection limit: Standard TNT 1pg;
Black powder (BP) 1pg;
Cocaine hydrochloride 1pg.
4. Cold start time: ≤5s;
5. Analysis time:≤5s;
6. Recovery Time: ≤10s;
7. False alarm rate: ≤1%;
8.Sampling method: Direct air sampling and swabbing sampling;
9. Alarm mode: LCD display and audible alarm;
10. Dimensions: 270mm(L)×115mm(W)×135mm(H);
11. Weight: Not more than 1.2kg (including battery);
12. Power supply: Rechargeable battery power supply, a saturated charge can work for more than 8 hours;
13. Work environment:Temperature: -10 ~+55 ℃, Relative humidity: 5% ~95%
14. It can store not less than 70,000 test data and can export data through the USB data interface.

Main features

1.Using fluorescent polymer sensing technology,No radioactive source, will not harm the operator and the inspected personnel, will not pollute the environment, There will be no new sources of danger due to loss or theft.
2. High sensitivity, can set sensitivity according to the detection environment.
3. Response speed is fast, in case of explosives, it can be alarmed in 2~6 seconds.。
4. Easy to use, the detector does not need to warm up, it can be tested when turnning on, and it can continuously detect.
5.Small size and light weight, The weight of battery is not more than 1.2kg, easy to carry.
6.No external heating and pretreatment equipment is required, single machine can completeallthe test work.
7. Easy to operate, No need to warm up the equipment, Just turn on the power switch and the detector will start working.
8. The instrument adopts color touch screen, The display interface supports viewing the working status of the instrument, It also has the function of self – check and abnormal status prompt.
9. The instrument has the function of one-key self-cleaning.


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