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Shanghai FJade Detection Technology officially “married” Suning TianTian Express
26 Sep 2019

Recently, Suning TianTian Express has officially put into operation in two new distribution centers: Linhai city Express Distribution Center and Ningbo city Express Delivery Center. The two unloading ports of the express distribution center are equipped with the FDT-SE140180 large gantry logistics X-ray baggage scanner machine customized by Shanghai Fjade Detection Company.

The FDT-SE140180 large gantry logistics X-ray baggage scanner machine is directly connected to the logistics conveyor belt without changing the design and structure of the original logistics conveyor belt. At the same time, the express distribution center site is equipped with a full-dynamic scale which can accurately weigh, measure and configure intelligent sorting cabinets in small cargo areas and is twice as efficient as traditional manual picking. The application of the FDT-SE140180 large gantry logistics X-ray baggage scanner machine further enhances the automation level and the efficient logistics industry safety inspection.

At present, Suning TianTian Express ‘s smart retail has entered the “Thousands of stores era” and rapid growth has become the new normal of development. Shanghai Fjade Detection Company plays an important role as the last “protection god” in logistics security inspection within the growth of Suning TianTian Express. Since Suning TianTian Express launched the smart retail development strategy, with the help of smart retailing a series of infrastructure construction with automatic distribution as the core is on the line nationwide.

FDT-SE140180 large gantry logistics X-ray baggage scanner machine is also assembled and commissioned in the construction of the Suning TianTian Express Distribution Center throughout the country. The Fjade Detection Company’s engineers are actively conducting final inspections of the factory equipment to ensure safe and stable operation of the equipment in the future.

In 2019, Suning TianTian Express further strengthened the construction of logistics infrastructure and reshaping the backbone network in Suning TianTian Express which established four types of distribution centers: hub allocation, provincial allocation, city distribution and secondary distribution. Suning TianTian Express optimized routing connections of the end service and the community scenarios. At the same time, Suning TianTian Express and Shanghai Fjade Detection Company two sides have formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement in 2019, our large gantry logistics X-ray baggage scanner machine will provide safe and efficient service to guarantee for Suning TianTian Express’s logistics delivery section and ensure the safety of each express package.

The backbone network construction has successfully set up a “highway” for the transformation of Suning Logistics. The backbone network continued to promote the construction of “intelligent and standardized” Suning TianTian Express network, which enabled it to realize the “transformation” of the logistics network. The Shanghai Fjade Detection Company provides security for the logistics network “Highway” that promotes intelligent and standardized for Suning TianTian Express. Focusing on the smart retail ecosystem, Suning TianTian Express focuses on the development model of the omni-channel, full-scenario and the full-customer group for consumer retail. Suning TianTian Express as a key link, with the gradual deepening of business transformation will undertake a smart retail online and offline in the future. Multi-scenario business expansion and a new model of integration will become the new engine of Suning TianTian Express. The Shanghai Fjade Detection Company Association will accompany Suning TianTian Express ‘s rapid development and constantly give the most professional and best solutions for logistics safety according to customer needs.