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Routine security, Fjade detection is right next to you and me.
02 Jul 2019

Shanghai Fjade Technology Co.,ltd officially developed the “Channel movable ” security inspection machine specially developed for the postal, express, and logistics industries, which means that the personalization of security inspection equipment has taken a new step.
The picture shows “Channel movable” security inspection machine specially developed by Shanghai qiongjiu detection technology co., LTD for the postal, express delivery and logistics industries

 Express logistics

The most relevant to modern life is the express logistics industry. In response to the national requirements for the safety of the express logistics industry, each logistics line must be equipped with professional security equipment, so that each package is well documented, “safe travel.”

Mobile security inspection machine

The picture shows the vehicle-mounted security inspection machine developed by Shanghai Fjade Technology Co.,ltd

                                                       Public inspection team necessities

With the gradual improvement of the requirements for safe living, the ” public security organs ” agencies fighting in the front line of public security should also have necessary security inspection equipment to protect public safety, and should also pay attention to protect their own safety.

The picture shows Shanghai Fjade supplying the Jiangsu Suqian Armed Police Detachment

Large-scale events, venue security work


Large public events, venues and other security work is the key area, not to mention the assistance of professional security equipment.

Though Shanghai Fjade newly established, it has made some achievements in the security inspection machine industry. This honor is inseparable from every “Fjade” staff who works hard.

Thank you for your silent efforts.