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X-ray scanner FDT-BI7555 Drug and explosive powder detection

X-ray baggage scanners operate based on the x-ray penetration principle. Widely used in national security, which covers the national research institutions, detection centers, courts, prisons, procuratorates, Army, airports, subway and railway stations, docks, schools, embassies, tourist attraction, logistics, big events etc

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样本Bi7555 E

General Specifications

General Specifications

Dimensions: 2175(L)×1005mm (W)×1459mm (H)

Tunnel size: 755mm (W)×555mm (H)

Conveyor speed: 0.20 m/s

Conveyor height: 749mm

Weight: 437Kg

Storage temperature / humidity:

-40 ℃ ± 3 ℃ ~ +60 ℃ ± 2 ℃ / 5% ~ 95% (no condensation)

Operating temperature / humidity:

0 ℃ ± 3 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ ± 2 ℃ / 5% ~ 95%  (no condensation)

Power: AC220 V (-10% to + 10%), 50Hz ± 3Hz

Power consumption: 0.5kVA

General Specifications

Detection system: linear matrix multi-energy detector

Thin organics gray-scale: 1mmABS grade 1\ 2\ 3mm

Organic materials identification:

to distinguish 1mm organic glass and rubber plate under 2mm thin metal plate

Thin organics identification: 1 mm ABS grade

Organics density identification: 1mm density difference is 40% for five Organic Materials

Back-scattered hardware requirements: equipped with linear array multi-energy detectors

Basic Specifications

Penetration: 30mm Steel Plate(140kV)

38mm Steel Plate(160KV)

Wire resolution: 40AWG

Penetration resolution: 34AWG

Spatial resolution: horizontal

Ф1.0mm vertical Ф1.0mm

X-ray Generator

Generation direction: Bottom-Up

Tube voltage: 140~160kV Adjustable

Tube current: 0.4~0.7mA Adjustable

Cooling/ duty cycle: sealed oil / 100%

Generation angle: 80 °


ConfigurationInternational brand electrical components

Industrial PLC circuit control,

Capacitance integral analog conversion, clear image

Industrial computer, long-term stable and reliable system

Ergonomic principle reading system,

Radiation protection system (close to natural background)



Image Processing:

l   Color / black&white,

l   Organic / inorganic,

l   Super enhancement,

l   Edge enhancement,

l   Partial enhancement,

l   Grayscale scanning,

l   Image restoration,

l   Zoom in / out,

l   High / low energy penetration,

l   Continuous observation,

l   Playback (50),

l  Image storage(>10 w pic.)


l   One key shut-down,

l   High density alarm,

l   Drug and explosive powder detection

l   Built-in Automatic self-diagnosis








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